Rejoice, You've Got Your Liquor License: What To Stock In Your Restaurant

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While it might be a cool and hip thing for people to search out a BYOB (bring your own bottle), as a restaurant owner, it's not the most desirable situation to be in. Of course, there are people who might be tempted to try out a restaurant that doesn't have a liquor license and can't serve wine or beer; there are plenty of people who simply will skip it for a place that has wine and beer and cocktails on the menu. And of course, you realize this, as you also realize that the profit margin on alcoholic beverages is simply amazing.

So, you're are probably especially excited to be able to now provide a whole variety of adult beverages on the menu. Now comes the fun part--designing the menu of what you're looking to serve. This list will give you some good pointers for the drinks you're going to want to stock and the spirits you will want to be delivered.

Craft Cocktails: Fancy Gin

Gin is a classic staple for cocktails, and you will want to make sure the company that handles spirits delivery will stock quality Gin. There are many different types of Gin. You should look into stocking at least two different types. You want one that is very herbal-heavy. These might have a very juniper-forward profile and will be excellent for classic gin prominent cocktails such as Martinis and Gin and Tonics. And you will also want to stock a gin that is milder and has less of a strong flavor profile, which will make it excellent for a mixed drink that has fruits in it.

Beer Beyond The Norm

You will also want to stock beer in your restaurant. Many people don't want to drink wine or spirits, but they might like a beer. So, what you want is to get a few varieties of beer. Choose a strong beer, such as a high ABV IPA, and also choose a light ABV beer such as a craft Pilsner. The final beer you will want to stock is one that is dark and have heavy malt flavors such as a stout.

Wine: In All Designs

Wine is one of the classic alcoholic beverages that every restaurant with a liquor license puts on the menu. This is because wine is a very popular drink for almost any type of cuisine--it doesn't matter if you're eating Thai or Italian. So, make sure to have a variety of Whites on the menu (Chardonnays and Sav Blancs) as well as Reds (Merlots and Cabs).

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